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The User may browse the sections in the website to find available products, detailed product information (size, weight, technical and commercial specifications), and price including sales tax. To make a purchase, you must click directly on the "Add to Cart" button which appears next to the product. The Product will automatically be added to your cart, where you can view your selected products at any time. The number of products you may purchase is unlimited, and you may add products to your cart by following the aforementioned process. You may also eliminate undesired or erroneous products from the cart at any time. 
Occasionally, the Shop may offer products which are not available for immediate shipping, in which case the estimated date of availability will be clearly indicated. The shipping date of such products is conditioned by the date in which the product becomes available by the manufacturer. In the event that the User purchases more than one product and one of them is not available at the time of purchase, the entire order will ship once the last product becomes available. 

You may register as a user by entering The process is quick, easy, free and requires no commitment. Registration only needs to be done once using the corresponding form. The User must enter a valid email address and password to be used for identification purposes on The information provided will be saved and used for quick user identification on future occasions. Registering on provides additional benefits, such as the possibility to check order status, view order history, receive exclusive information and get special offers. 
Fields marked with a * in the registration form are obligatory. By leaving these fields blank, you will not be able to make purchases. 

Once registered with a valid email address and password, the User must enter a shipping address to receive purchases. The User may also enter a billing address, if different from the shipping address. Entering incomplete or erroneous information may result in delivery delays. Please ensure that the information provided is accurate and correct. 

After entering shipping and billing information, you must proceed to make payment. uses two online payment systems: credit card (Visa or Master Card) or PayPal. Wire transfers or direct deposits are also accepted. 
- Credit card payment (Visa or Master Card): provides high security protection for online payments through POS Virtual, provided by the banking entity Banco Sabadell, which is secured by SET (Secure Electronic Transaction) under the international protocols "Verified by Visa" and "MasterCard SecureCode". By initiating a credit card payment, POS Virtual contacts the issuing bank in real time to verify the payment with your personal identification number. The PIN serves as authentication for the transaction and verifies there is no risk of fraudulent use. Once the card is verified, POS Virtual connects to our bank to finalize the requested transaction and, in doing so, the transaction remains completely secure for the customer and does not have access to card details. If it is not possible to finalize payment with a credit card, consult possible causes in our FAQ section.
- PayPal payments: PayPal facilitates online payments using an email address and password, without having to enter personal or financial information. In addition to's customer guarantees, PayPal provides a money-back guarantee if the product does not match the merchant description or if it does not reach its destination. Payments made through PayPal in are covered by buyer protection rights. 
- Wire transfer / direct deposit: Please contact us directly at to request the bank account number (the order will be processed once the wire transfer / deposit is completed). 

Once payment is made, a confirmation message containing purchase details will appear on the screen. A proof of purchase will also be sent to the email address provided by the customer. 

Shipping costs are not included in the prices listed on the products and must be added to the total. Shipping costs are calculated based on weight, quantity of items purchased and destination, and are automatically added to the final total. ships with UPS, Correos Express (or similar Courier) and Correos (Postal Service). Your order will be delivered upon receipt of signature to the address provided. In the event that it is not possible to make the delivery on the first attempt, the delivery operator will make three additional attempts (two additional attempts if shipped by Correos). If it is not possible to make the delivery on the last attempt, a notification will be left with instructions on how to contact the delivery operator to complete delivery. After five working days, the order will be returned to and you will be notified of the incident. You must pay shipping costs again to have your order re-shipped. 
Delivery time varies by destination; however, guarantees worldwide delivery in a maximum of five working days (Courier) or ten working days (Correos).